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[Posted last night]

Did you guys see that!
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See what?

No, let me guess. The Articuno?
Yes! It just flew over!

Not many people out here, tonight. You'd think they'd be looking for it.
If they haven't been reading DexNet, I'm not sure they'd know about it. Ms. Falvey got the news to us before anyone else, and I'm not sure if the networks have got the reports out from Seafoam yet.

Where are you?
Outside the Celladon pokécenter. Boy am I glad I got back to Kanto in time to see this. Wow!
It's heading this way, then. We've got sighting reports in from Fuchsia, Vermillion, and Saffron so far.

What's the weather like?
Icy and snowy. And come to think of it, it's pretty cold.
Still causing snowfall, then. The reports say it's still blizzard conditions over Seafoam, too.

This does not bode well. The regions rarely get any large amounts of snow - I don't even know that there's more than one snowplow per larger city.

I suppose I should go alert everyone here that it's coming this way. We'll have to start getting people and Pokémon into shelter.
Oooh yeah!!

Definitely worth getting a sore neck for it!
I only saw a lot of snow :\ Man I can't believe I missed out on the Articuno!